Day 13

6:30 I hear Donnie and Cecil in zip their tents. I look at my watch and think I could get at least one more hour in. I drag myself out of my quilt about 7:30 and head straight for my food bag, pull it down, and prep my granola and coconut milk powder. It was dark and cloudy. We kept looking at each other and squinting as we confirmed the rumbling sounds we heard was thunder. I jumped up and started packing everything up. Cecil and Donnie were to hike 4 miles back south to the car but I wanted to get 10 miles in before I was picked up by Lucy and her Dad at Woods Hole Hostel at 4 pm. They were driving down from Massachusetts to go to Damascus for Trail Days.

I parted ways with my friends at 8:30 and felt my anxiety spike as I walked into the dark rhododendron thickets alone. Rain was sure to fall today. My pack was light since I had eaten most of my food. I went rushing past a group of deer that just stared at me. The trail was flat for about 2 miles and then shot nearly straight up 1500 feet. Back up on the ridge I go. I passed one hiker going south and gave a friendly wave. About half way the clouds melted away and the sun came out in time for my arrival at the overlook.

Rocks proceeded to cover the trail and wreck my feet. I arrive at Woods Hole Hostel around 1 o’clock in what seemed like record time. I made a reservation for the following Monday and asked to use their shower as I waited for my ride.

615.9 – 625.4 (9.5)

Total: 130.1