Day 22

Day 22

I was sleepless all night and had to get up to adjust the temperature twice. Too hot. I’m wide awake at 6:30 and so I head downstairs for breakfast. I see a few other hikers there and we nod at each other. I sit down with Buster, a new friend from a few days ago. I return to my room to organize the day into a list. So much to do. I wait my turn for the laundry, I wash my pot and spoon, I start writing blog posts, a make a grocery list. By 11 I’m out the door with clean clothes on headed to the good will .2 miles walk to find a lighter sleep shirt. I’m sending my old shoes, Long Johns, and down socks home. I find a 2 dollar synthetic and I’m off to lunch at a BBQ place in the shopping center. I order the tomato chopped pork plate with the hikers free banana pudding. Now to the outfitter to find some apparatus to keep my glasses from sliding down my nose (I has lost the one I started with at Four Pines). I stop to say hello to a group of hikers I met in the last section: Yogi, Goose, Moxie, and Stephanie. They had just taken a zero in Roanoke. I was glad to know I was just a day behind.

Off to the grocery to supplement the supplies I had to last 3 more days until I met my parents at Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I returned to my room by 3 and continued writing and uploading until dinner at the Mexican place in front of the hotel.

It was a lonely but productive day. The new shoes seem good but my feet are so damaged it’s hard to tell if the shoes will work better. I was able to FaceTime with Lucy before bed, the first time since Trail Days a week and a half ago. I took some magnesium and fell fast asleep.


Total: 235.2