Day 23

After a great nights sleep I wake at 8 and walk downstairs for breakfast. Not too many hikers this morning except for Buster who invited me to hike with him. I said I needed more time to post to my blog. I returned to my room to pack up my stuff and I check out by 11. I sit in the lobby writing and uploading until about 2:30. By that time Radagast sat down to use the WiFi too. Some new hikers named Try Try and Mocha Joe were there too talking about a new report of a guy on the trail with machete. Mocha Joe had run into a ridge runner earlier that morning looking for information about the guy. Supposedly he was seen in Catawba, the town I was in 4 days ago. Try Try mentioned another guy named Prophet she met at Angels Rest that made her uncomfortable. She showed me his picture. The hikers proceeded to discuss “the incident” with details I hadn’t heard before. Radagast invited me to hike with him after seeing my discomfort with the news. I left the hotel that afternoon pretty bummed out and uneasy about stepping back into the woods.

Radagast had also gotten new shoes, the same as mine in fact. We made our way 5 miles up the mountain slowly to the Fullhardt Knob Shelter. No view, sadly. And no water. Radagast wanted to go 3 more to a campsite by a creek but my feet really couldn’t handle it. We set up our tents while other hikers (Good Wood, Treehugger, and Lady Poles) staying in the shelter made a fire.

Radagast and I ate dinner and he showed me his apothecary. He gave me some CBD oil to rub on my feet and knees and some arnica to dissolve under my tongue. I was ready for bed by 7 and went to lay down in my tent. After the sun went down I heard someone walk in and saw their headlamp through my tent. They walked all over the area coming within inches of my tent. It startled me and I watched them carefully. I was able to figure out they were just looking for a place to put a tent.

Miles: 729.7 – 734.7 (5)

Total: 240.2