Day 27

My parents and I ate a large breakfast and checked out of our room at Peaks of Otter. 15 minutes up the road they drop me off at the trail crossing and I set out for my 6.5 mile hike with 5 pounds in a day pack. The trail was gradual and rolling with a moderate decent toward the end. Really easy. The heat was going to rough today. No rain in sight. I was moving slow but hopeful the rest had been enough. 3 hours later I stop at a shelter for lunch/snack. I do some stretches and read the log book. Several hikers I know stayed there last night. My feet weren’t feeling too good. After 45 minutes at the shelter I head back to the trail to finish my day. I had to go home and take a break. I see two day hikers pass me going south but I don’t see anyone else on the trail. Two miles from the road crossing I call my parents to let them know when I would be finished. An hour later I reach Jennings Creek Road with my parents waiting. We drive a mile down the road to Middle Creek Campground for a hot dog and ice cream and then start the 4 hour drive south to North Carolina.

Total: 751.3 – 757.9 (6.5)

Total: 249.7