Day 32

We were slow to get up around 9:30. Anna and Fynn needed to be on the road by 10. We quickly ate some yogurt and granola and headed out. It was about 3 miles to the trail and we stopped at the park entrance for a few photos. I felt like crying as we said goodbye. I underestimated how lonely I would feel out here.

The trail was easy and the weather had turned mild with a cool breeze. I stopped for lunch at a picnic area and a deer approached me looking for food. I, of course, did not give any up. I reached my 300 mile mark soon after lunch. The day was uneventful until I reached the Lewis Mountain camp store.

I found Somewhere there having a beer with two other hikers, Precious and Mixy. I bought a turkey sandwich and a Gatorade. I was so hungry. A hiker named Giggles from Germany showed up soon after to let us know there was a couple that were cooking hamburgers for trail magic on our way back through the campground. I waited another 45 minutes with Somewhere before going to check it out. It was about 6 by then and the sun was starting to slip down.

We arrived at the campsite of a couple that met on the trail last year. I had a chicken kabob, corn on the cob, watermelon, and half a coors light. I was anxious to get to the shelter (1.2 miles further) to set up my tent so I hiked out about 6:45 leaving Somewhere waiting on a burger. At the shelter there was a a big crowd of about 8 hikers enjoying the beers they had bought at the store and playing chess. I set up my tent and decided to start listening to the first book of Harry Potter as I fell asleep. I was surprised to find it put me at ease and took my mind off the bears lurking in the dark woods.

Miles: 909.2 – 918.2 (9)

Total: 302.7