Day 33

I woke up with back pain. I’m slow to get out of bed. Restless sleep last night due to a lot of rustling of leaves near my tent. Bear? Deer? We’ll never know. I drank a green smoothie for breakfast that I bought at the camp store yesterday. Somewhere was just finishing her breakfast. I was impatient to get going so hit the trail at 9. In between parking lots on the Skyline drive was a couple of day hikers that let me know there was a bear up ahead. I reached for my air horn and crept up the hill. About 5 minutes later a saw a distant bear face staring back at me. I blew the horn and it went galloping past me. Glad to know the air horn works.

I stopped for lunch 7 miles later at the Big Meadows wayside. The weather was mild with a chill in the morning. Bright and sunny with a little wind. I sat down with a ham and cheese sandwich, strawberries and blueberries, and an ice cream sandwich. I ate the ice cream first. An older lady sat down at my picnic table and ate her lunch while she read a book. I proceeded to take stock of the food I had and how much I would need to buy for the next section of trail. A couple in their 50s sat down and started chatting me up. Before I knew it an hour had passed. I quickly went back to the store to buy additional rations and went on my way.

It was heating up and I had 4 miles to go, up hill. I was loosing steam and really needed to be done for the day. I trudged on and arrived at Rock Springs hut by 4:30. Immediately I started stretching. A group of 20 something hikers showed up for a snack break. One of them was wearing a silver unicorn horn. There were 3 tents above the shelter already and so I went to find my spot.

I returned downhill to the shelter to gather my water reservoirs and then down to the spring before dinner. I was all alone at the picnic table as I ate. I wondered where Somewhere was. She showed up at last about 7. Four more hikers showed up as the sun went down and I went up to settle in for the night and continue Harry Potter.

Miles: 918.2 – 929.7 (11.5)

Total: 314.2