Day 34

I woke up to pain in my right hip. Feels like a pinched nerve. I’ll add that to my stretching routine. It was another beautiful morning and I was late once again. I packed it all up and walked down to the picnic table to eat something before beginning the day. Somewhere, Red Feather, and Tumbledoor were there finishing breakfast. I told Somewhere I was going to try and push 15.5 miles to the second shelter to avoid a longer day tomorrow. She said she would plan for that too.

It was about 9 before I got started and I set my sights on the Skyland Lodge for lunch 6 miles away. The trail started to turn rocky which slowed me down. I reached the restaurant at 11:30 and sat down at noon for a cheeseburger. It was nothing special but the blackberry ice cream pie was. I spent about 2 hours there just resting.

It was 2 when I headed out for the shelter. I passed some nice views on top of some ledges. The heat was starting to bother me. The trail was not as easy as the previous few days. A big climb and descent kept me hiking til about 7:15.

The shelter was full of hikers, one a German filmmaker making a documentary about walking south from New York City and train hopping or hitch hiking to Los Angeles. I boiled some water for my dinner and then set up my tent in rocky soil. Somewhere walked in about 8:30. I ate by beans and rice and tucked myself in. It had been a long day. My feet were more sore than yesterday. Both hips were now bothering me. Maybe it’s this 2.5 inch sleeping mat? I listened to another chapter of Harry Potter and tried to sleep.

Miles: 929.7 – 945 (15.3)

Total: 329.5