Day 44

I took my time getting up. No rain last night but plenty of cars passing by. No Collar and I are the last ones out of camp by 9. I thought I would be faster than him but he caught up to me and we hiked together for most of the day. Lots of rocks again today and a steep climb up to Raven Rock Cliff. Hot and humid again today. Another climb up today was to a popular local spot called High Rocks. I couldn’t tell what structure it was made out of concrete but folks had painted graffiti all over it.

At the 10 miles mark we stopped at Pen Mar Park where they have a big pavilion for swing dances every Sunday. No Collar befriended a maintenance worker in a golf cart and gave him a menu for pizza delivery. He told me to pick one out and so I chose Hawaiian (which is never as good as I think it’s going to be). Twitch was there too and ordered a chicken sandwich. We waited 40 minutes and then had our lunch of cheese, bread, and Mellow Yellow. I figured I wouldn’t be able to reach the 18 mile mark I had hoped to due to our lengthy lunch but it was nice to take a long break. I asked No Collar about his name and he said for half of his life he was blue collar, the other half he was white collar and now he’s no collar. He was maybe in his late mid-50s, retired and from California.

After two hours we were on our way to the Maryland/Pennsylvania boarder sign with a second wind powered by pizza and sugar. Several miles later we had to cross another busy road. We arrived at the Deer Lick Shelter about 5 o’clock and No Collar was clear he was done for the day. I was feeling good and was thinking about trying to push 3 more miles to the next shelter. I looked at the elevation map and it looked pretty moderate. Twitch, Hobo, and Roadrunner were all continuing on. I decided to join them and I bid farewell to No Collar.

I was right that the trail was nice and easy down to Tumbling Run Shelter. It was a luxurious complex with a clothes line, food bag hanging pole, toilet paper and air fresheners in the privy, and level gravel tent sites. The water source was also a piped spring flowing ice cold. I quickly did my camp chores and made a pot of potatoes and veggies. I was in my tent at sun down satisfied with my 18 mile day. Tomorrow, Lucy would be driving 6 and a half hours from Massachusetts to pick me up. I had asked her to drive down to get me last week after I decided to save Pennsylvania for a cooler month. It was Lucy’s birthday this weekend too and I didn’t want to miss that.

Miles: 1056.6 – 1074.7 (18.1)

Total: 468.2