Day 46

After a weekend in Massachusetts celebrating Lucy’s birthday I headed back out to the trail in Connecticut. Lucy graciously lent me her car since she would be away for the week. In 2017, my grad school friend Misa decided she wanted to hike all of the AT in her home state of Connecticut. I agreed to tag along and we did 25 miles together over 2 years. I started where we left off in Cornwall Bridge. Misa now lives about 30 minutes from there. I arrived at her house the night before and had a sweet visit before crashing at midnight.

Misa had planned on hiking with me this morning but her back was bothering her too much to join me. She did kindly shuttle me from parking lot to parking lot. I parked Lucy’s car 14 miles north near Falls Village and Misa dropped me off in Cornwall Bridge at about 11 am. It had been 5 days since my last day on the trail in Pennsylvania and I was feeling stiff. On top of the late bed time last night was the second day of my menstrual cycle which left my energy doubly drained. I walked into the woods and the sound of traffic faded into the rush of the stream below. Suddenly the thought of walking 14 miles felt daunting considering how low I was feeling.

The climb up from the creek was moderate but slow going. The woods were beautiful and the weather was mild with sun, a breeze and temperatures hovering in the upper 70s. I smiled remembering the misery of last week in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

I stopped for lunch at camping area with small creek. The camping area was large with several tents already set up. Must be a base camp of a group since I didn’t see or hear any one. I was surprised at the style of the privy. Haven’t seen one like this before.

I summited a small mountain at 1400 feet with a mediocre view. 3 hikers were at the top taking a break. I said hello and went on my way. About an hour later I saw them again and decided to engage. Two were flip floppers who started in Harpers Ferry June 2nd. The third hiker was a family member joining them for a few days. It was a father and daughter named Name Tag and Froggie from Georgia.

After my lunch break I continued up to a huge boulder called split rock that I had to walk between. That was fun. The trail alternated between steep rocky climbs and graded dirt path. Late in the day I caught my final view on top of Mt Easter which has a partial view of the Lime Rock speedway. I could hear the loud rumblings of the loud race cars below and see a corner of the track.

I descended into a very flat river walk along the housatonic that turned into a road walk that weaves back into the woods all the way back to my car. I finished around 6:30 exhausted with dusted calves. I had decided to try out my trail running shoes today to see how my feet would do. They weren’t too happy at the end of the day so it’s back to the boots tomorrow.

I drove south in search of dinner in New Milford. Misa was at the bowling ally with her group of kids she was chaperoning for a rowing camp at the school she works at called The Gunnery. I stopped in to visit for but before heading to the Panera which was underwhelming. I returned to Misa’s by 9 and enjoyed the place to myself since Misa was on overnight duty at the school. I listened to records and stared at my phone until midnight.

Miles: 1480.2 – 1494.2 (14)

Total: 494.2