Day 47

I’m up at about 8:30 and Misa picks me up at 9:30 to begin another car shuffle. We eat a quick brunch at a fancy farm to table restaurant in Falls Village. We drop my car at the same parking lot as yesterday and Misa shuttles me 12 miles north above Salisbury. I bid farewell to Misa at noon and begin the 2 mile side trail up to Bear Mountain which is about a mile from the Massachusetts border.

I’m hiking southbound today with more downhills and ups. The was mountain laurel still blooming up here as I reached 500 miles. The weather was mild and cloudy in the lower 80s. I had a few great views today at around 1500 feet in elevation.

About halfway through my 14 mile hike I spotted some dark clouds coming my way. I quickened my pace. I passed about 6 or 7 thru hikers, some of which I had seen at the restaurant eating breakfast.

After passing through the outskirts of Salisbury on a road walk I enter the woods again and began a beautiful little climb up the side of a mountain with huge boulders at the top. The rest of the hike was rather uneventful. I passed an open field with a pretty view of the mountain range I had been walking across, there was a dam with a water fall, and the ever darkening sky.

I reached the car at about 6:30, just before the rain started and I drove 45 minutes to New Milford to a Mexican restaurant for fajitas. I crashed again at Misa’s house and will leave for Greenfield in the morning. Tomorrow I have a gig playing pedal steel with a band called Dez Roy at the Green River Festival. It’s a fairly big festival with 4 stages drawing several thousand people. Lucinda Williams is headlining. My plan is to practice all day tomorrow, enjoy the festival weekend, and get back out on the trail Monday.

Miles: 1506.6 – 1494.1 (12.5 + 2 for the side trail)

Total: 506.7