Day 49

I toss and turn all night. The ground is slanted and it’s cold. I put on my wind pants, down hoody, and rain jacket but I’m still cold. I wake to a slap on the water by a beaver. It’s time to get a move on. Our food bag survived and I heat up my granola and milk powder. Nathan has pop tarts and I have half of one. Wow, that’s good. We start hiking about 9:30. The sun is out and there’s a nice breeze with temperatures in the lower 70s.

The trail gives us mile after mile of mud. We soon walk along a boardwalk on the edge of another pond. I scream and jump back at the sight of a little snake slithering away. I keep walking and freeze when I see two more. Nathan eventually walks past them and they slither away. They didn’t look poisonous but they still make me jump. Nathan proceeded to tell me about the story of Patti (his mom) and the lizard.

The rivers and streams in Vermont are beautiful and we walked along one for a few miles until we stopped for lunch at a shelter. By the afternoon we had made it to Harmon Hill with a view of Bennington below. Nathan said it looked like North Carolina. I agreed.

The climb down to Route 9 was steep and rocky. It was slow going. We had to go right back up once we crossed the road. 2 more miles to the Melville Nauheim Shelter making another 10 mile day.

We arrived at about 7 and plopped down our packs to meet the hikers there. There was a long trail hiker named Sam, a father and daughter by the name of 10 Liter and Sketch, and an AT hiker that was trying to finish the trail by the end of August. We made our dinners as we talked with them. We were all asleep by sun down. It was going to be another chilly night.

Miles: 1604.3 – 1614.4 (10.1)

Total: 526.7