Day 50

I was in no rush today with only 8.5 miles to go to Goddard Shelter in Glastonbury Mountain. I was slow to get up and eat while Nathan was up early and chatting with folks at the shelter. We hit the trail about 10 with a nice and easy gradual 2400 foot climb up through out the day. My feet, knees, and legs were beginning to get that familiar aching sensation.

We entered the Glastonbury wilderness which I’ve read is a little spooky. I was glad to have a buddy. I’ve read it’s the 2nd most remote next to the 100 mile wilderness in Maine. The woods reminded me of the hunger games. After we exited the wilderness, about 4 miles, we began our ascent of Glastonbury mountain. We arrived at Goddard Shelter about 5:30 and contemplated camping at the fire tower at the top of the mountain. Nathan went to scout it out. It was only .3 up the trail. We decided to stay at the shelter for company and the bear box. Just last week the game warden had to kill a problem bear here that ran down the trail and grabbed a hikers pack.

Cooked and ate dinner as the evening worn down talking to other hikers. Near sunset we walked up to the fire tower for a look out. The tower was old and poorly kept. It was pretty as scary to walk up into the tiny lookout which had no windows. We walked around on our knees just to be sure we didn’t trip and fall out.

Back at the shelter as it was getting dark, I heard from my tent someone playing a flute. That was quirky. Another chilly night ahead.

Miles: 1614.4 – 1622.9 (8.5)

Total: 535.2