Day 51

Another night on uneven ground and another night of tossing and turning and trying to keep the cold out. I woke to Nathan’s voice at the shelter asking who was playing the flute last night? The flutist spoke up and started playing the theme song to Lord of the Rings. I laughed out loud. Then it was the Narnia theme. I wanted to yell out Titanic but I don’t think they were taking requests. The hikers name was Kokopelli.

I resisted the morning a few more minutes and then rolled out. We had a schedule to keep today. We were doing 12.5 to Nathan’s car. We had a gradual descent of about 3000 feet that looked pretty tame. We headed out at 9 and stopped for lunch at Kid Gore Shelter where a hiker named Disco was taking a break due to illness. He supposed it was the heat. I was pretty happy with the temperature. Probably in the lower 70s and into 80 it felt great. After an hour we went on our way. We kept a steady pace of 1.5 to 2 miles per hour climbing down ever so slightly passing another beaver pond. Just before the end we encountered a gauntlet of mud pits. The big finale, it seemed.

Without much fuss we returned to Nathan’s car around 6 and headed to Brattleboro for a pig BBQ dinner at top of the hill grill. We returned to Lucy’s house in Greenfield, MA for a soft bed and shower. Nathan would begin the drive back to North Carolina tomorrow and Lucy would drive me back up the trail.

Miles: 1622.9 – 1635.4 (12.5)

Total: 547.7