Day 56

My free breakfast started at 7:30 this morning and so I was the first in line. It was a made-to-order breakfast so I was seated in the dining room at a table for two. There were non-stop droning penny whistles filling the sonic space of the restaurant and I felt like I was in the soundtrack of Titanic. The room oddly felt like the bottom of a ship. I ordered blueberry pancakes and bacon and inhaled them. I packed up my stuff and stepped outside to evaluate the weather. It was still cloudy with a forecast for more. I saw the bus to Rutland wiz past the inn. A hiker walked up and introduced himself as Hiker Dave and said folks were staying put today in shelters up the trail because of the weather. That was it. If other hikers were taking the day off, so would I. My feet could use it too. I waited another hour with Hiker Dave to board the $2 bus to Rutland. I headed straight for the library to work on my blog. Then to the Co-Op to pick up some snacks. Then to the cafe for two quinoa bowls and a biscuit. A movie theater was close by so I went to see Toy Story 4 and prop up my feet as I watched.

At 5 I took the bus back to the Inn and climbed up a side trail to the AT where I could walk a miles to Gifford State Park to camp for $6. It was a great decision and I met two southbound hikers, a father and son, Diesel and Pony Express that were soaking wet from a day in the rain. They were very friendly and talkative. The park was lovely aside from the loud trucks passing by on Route 100. I would be meeting my friend Ethan from Brattleboro in the morning for two days of hiking.

Miles: 1705.0 – 1706.2

Total: 605.8