Day 58

It was hard to sleep with all the people in the cabin so at first light I got up to see the sun rise. There was already a crowd on top for the show. It was cold. In the 40s I’d say. Fall is on its way in New England. After the sun peeked out Ethan and I tried to go back to sleep. No such luck with the gang of hikers packing up their stuff and talking loudly. We were packed up and out of there by 8am. Today would be a short day. Ethan had a gig to prepare for that evening and so I had planned to ride back south with him for a day off in Greenfield with Lucy.

The trail was more down than up today but there were still a few steep uphills that slowed us down. The end of the hike took us through fields of wildflowers and budding Goldenrod which I believe to be the sign that summer is about to start waning. Ethan was very much sore from yesterday. After 6.4 miles we were back to Ethan’s car at Route 12 and I met two hikers there giving out sodas that had quit the trail that year because of plantar fasciitis. They said the pain got to be too much and they had stopped having fun. Well, maybe that will be my fate too but not yet. Ethan and I stopped in the waspy town of Woodstock, VT for lunch before hitting the road.

Miles: 1720.3 – 1726.7 (6.4)

Total: 626.3