Day 59

After a day off visiting former co-workers and working on my blog, Lucy and I drove up to Hanover, NH to stay the night to get me back on trail in the morning. My former co-worker Julie has a house there and agreed to let us stay. Lucy dropped me off at 11am and into the woods I went a little sad to be going back alone. Today was also hot and a painful day for my lady parts so not such a great start. Lots of ups and downs today and through fields with nice views at the top. The pine, birch, and maple forests have been beautiful to walk through the last 20 miles here. This day was rather numbing and I tuned out for much of it and just walked but I ended up staying in West Hartford, VT in the backyard of Captain Stash and his wife I Could Eat. Stash has a truck lettering business and lets hikers tent by the creek in his back yard. They even have a 5-star privy. I was the only one there as another group of hikers were staying down the street at another trail angel’s yard. I was so exhausted I crawled into bed at sundown and slept like a rock. It was a peaceful place.

Miles: 1726.7 – 1740.3 (13.6)

Total: 639.9