Day 60

The backyard was peaceful until a train rambled through in the middle of the night and blew its whistle so loud I awoke to cover my ears. I quickly went back to sleep and woke up at 9. I ended up leaving at 11am and moving very slow. It was alright since I only had 9.5 miles to do before reaching Hanover. The trail was moderate and I was glad for it. I saw a porcupine and not much else of note. I popped out of the woods and onto a paved road for about a 3 miles road walk into town.

About 4 o’clock I reached the Vermont New Hampshire boarder which over the Connecticut River. As I was approaching the bridge, I saw someone with a huge lens on a camera pointing in my direction. When I got closer, the photographer approached me to say they worked for the Valley News and wanted to use a photo of me in the next edition. I agreed and gave them my name. On to Hanover for a resupply, dinner, and another visit with Lucy. She was driving back up today to hike with me tomorrow. Julie was graciously hosting us again tonight.

Miles: 1740.3 – 1749.8 (9.5)

Total: 649.4