Day 65

I took a zero for the weather which was supposed to be cold and rainy. I watched 3 movies: Dazed and Confused, Walk Hard, and Joe Dirt, none of which I picked. I ate bagel bites and ate ice cream, hung out with other hikers, and that’s about it. It was actually a lot of fun and maybe one of the few times I’ve felt like a part of group. I met a hiker named Impulse from Florida that decided to hike the AT 2 days before his partner, Rebel, was set to begin. He had driven her up to DC to see her off and just decided to go with her with no preparation what so ever. He called his boss and quit his job and called his brother to move his stuff out of his apartment. They stopped by REI the next day to pick up some gear the day before they hit the trail in Boiling Springs, PA. I hope to see them again when I flip flop.

At the end of the day a tall red haired hiker named Sunflower checked in. After chatting with him I learned he lives in Brattleboro, VT, plays banjo, and is a huge fan of Clifton Hicks, a guy I had a college class with at Appalachian State. I’m also a huge fan of Clifton Hicks. I even made a video about him here. I was delighted to meet someone who knew about Clif and interested in old time music. I stayed up too late walking banjo with Sunflower so I hurried off to my cold damp tent in hopes of getting enough sleep for my 6:30 am alarm. Tomorrow I begin the White Mountains.

Miles: none

Total: 692.7