Day 74

At 6 o’clock I was up and packing. I had some hot tea with my clifbars before heading out at 7. Doc said he would be close behind. I had a big steep climb in the morning up Carter Dome and then Mt Height. I could see the presidential range I had walked over yesterday from the top.

Down again and up again to South Carter, Middle Carter, and North Carter. The descent down North Carter was more like a semi controlled fall than a hike. The last mountain of the day was Mt Moriah which I crossed at about 4 o’clock. The presidentials were now a distant mountain vista. As I worked my way down Mt Moriah I heard trekking pole clicking in the background. It was Amish Built and Muscles Marinara, hikers I had met in Harpers Ferry, WV in July. They were slackpacking the 2 miles I had started yesterday. They were very friendly and happy to see me again. They quickly hiked ahead of me as the steep descent turned into a rolling dirt path. What a gift. I spent the last 3 miles floating across he Rattle River and through maple forests. I had finished the Whites.

At the road crossing I met Amish and Muscles for a hitch into the Barn hostel in Gorham. About 10 minutes later we had a ride in a VW van from North Carolina. Turns out the couple was from Asheville. Amish and Muscles were from Boone. We proceeded to test our mutual connections and of course there were many.

I arrived at the hostel about 6:30 and settled into my cot beside the ping pong table. It was crowded. I stepped on the scale when I arrived and it read 90 pounds. My eyes widened. That’s scary underweight. With my pack I was 115. I walked over to the gas station and bought 2 poweraids and a pint of Cherry Garcia. I made a dehydrated spaghetti meal for dinner and I stepped back on the scale. 122 this time. That was a relief. I thought my muscles might have been eating themselves. I’ve actually gained weight since I started the hike. I’m enjoying my hiker hunger very much after struggling for several years with my appetite. I fell into bed around 9. Tomorrow I would rest.

Miles: 1878.5 – 1893.7 (15.2)

Total: 777.7