Day 77

I hear Tech Support and Moon Walk stir at first light. I try to sleep a little longer and finally get up at 7:30. Amish is still out cold. I take my time getting breakfast together. Rushing won’t do any good today. I say goodbye to Amish just as he starts cooking his breakfast. I begin the first 3000 foot climb of the day up Mt. Success. From these picture it looks a lot harder than I remember. Still tired and unmotivated, I could feel it was going to be another long day. I reached the Maine border at lunch time and stopped for a break. Nearby there was a sort of boulder field with moss and trees growing all over the rocks.

I continued up the second 3000 foot climb to Mt Carlo. I followed the bogs across the ridge while looking ahead to my next climb up to Goose Eye Mountain which had metal rebar bolted into the side of rock faces so I could climb up. How convenient. Goose Eye Mountain also had 3 peaks to walk over. I ran into Quest as I walked north. He was carrying a full pack this time since he couldn’t day hike this section. I descended a mile down to Full Goose Shelter by about 6pm and I reached my 800 mile mark.

There was one other hiker in the shelter. His name was Diamond Blue and he had fallen in a bog earlier in the day clear up to his knees. I was thankful I had not misstepped as I traversed those bogs. I noticed large groups of young people around the tent platforms and figured out it was a freshman orientation for Harvard students. As I was setting up my bed in the shelter (once again, too tired to set up my tent) a hiker named Shepard showed up. He had a long untrimmed beard and a calming energy. We chatted for a bit as we made dinner. Tech Support had given me some fresh broccoli that night before and I put it in my mashed potatoes tonight with some cheese. We talked about sleeping matts and pillows. Shepard only had a small piece of foam for a pillow. Shepard reminded me of my friend Brandon Holder which brought me a lot of comfort. Soon, Moonwalk arrived to the shelter grunting about the difficulty of the terrain. This shelter was not as nice as the night before but I made sure there was no food anywhere in my pack or shorts pockets that a mouse might like to chew its way to. I put in some ear plugs as the sun was going down at 7:30. The days were getting very short now. Tomorrow I would be crawling through the hardest mile on the trail: the Mahoosuc Notch.

Miles: 1905.5 – 1915.1 (10.6)

Total: 800.1