Day 81

I ate breakfast again at 7 and was out the door by 7:30. My shuttle to the trail crossing on ME 17 would be 45 minutes. Honey’s son Don drove me out to what they call The Heigh Of Land which overlooks Mooselookmeguntic Lake. I was hiking by 9am.

I walked down a steep hillside to Bemis Stream which was supposed to be a ford but it was low enough I could rock hop. There has been little rain this summer so most of the streams are low. The water sources are drying up too. Once I climbed up Bemis Mountain I could see scars across the mountain from logging. I walked along the ridge for several miles and saw a few forest chickens (also known as Grouses) strutting around the trail. The pine forest were beautiful and peaceful to walk through. I passed Black Widow and several other hikers as I walked south again. Black Widow said, “Am I gonna see you everyday?” I said this was the last slackpack.

The mud on top of these mountains is just as bad as Vermont. Wooden planks remain in place but are often too broken to be of use. Especially in the bog areas. I always test the planks with my trekking pole before stepping on them. I’ve saved my feet a lot of soggy walking by doing that. The last mountain of the day was Old Blue at 3600 feet. I called for my shuttle and said it would be another 45 minutes before I reached South Arm Road. The descent down Old Blue was very steep and rocky. Several parts had metal bars to assist in the traverse but I managed to hike down 3 miles in about 50 minutes.

After I hopped in to Don’s Ford Escort station wagon I requested a stop at the Little Red Hen to see if my package had arrived. 15 minutes later I walked up to a closed cafe. They close at 2 everyday. We went back to the Cabin for a ham dinner and I was able to confirm my Crocs had indeed been delivered. I would have to get a ride before breakfast tomorrow to pick them up. I was starting to get cabin fever. Being and sleeping inside with such nice weather outside put me in a cranky mood. I was ready to be out in the woods again and under the stars. At dinner, I met 3 new hikers. A couple from Florida named Tigger and Chick Norris and their friend from Franklin, NC Taramonkey. Tigger and Taramonkey were section hiking all the way to Katahdin and Chuck was driving a support camper and vehicle. They were planning on hiking north from The Height of Land the next day doing the same section as me. I asked if I could ride out with them and slackpack. They agreed. I crawled in my patio bunk after sunset, backpack ready to go for the morning, glad to be moving to a new place tomorrow night.

Miles: 1958.4 – 1945.2 (13.2)

Total: 843.4