Day 83

I woke early in the bunk house, at first light. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I slept hard and felt well rested. It was a great feeling and was a little bummed to be taking a zero today but I needed to work on this blog in town and wait for Lucy to arrive this evening before continuing on. The sun came out about 7:30 on what looked like to be a cloudy and rainy day. Shepard and Doc walked out soon after breakfast but Tequila, Snap, and Biggie lingered long past 8 o’clock.

I gathered my electronics to take into town and caught a ride with the hostel owner Steve into Rangeley by 10. I stopped by the local gear shop to look around and then headed over to the library. I sat down at a computer and set up shop. After a few hours of blogging I walked downtown to a pizza joint for lunch for a zucchini tomato basil pie. That’s my new favorite. I walked back to the library to type as fast as I could before they closed at 4:30.

I caught a ride back to the Hiker Hut with Steve and 7 other hikers at 6pm. I made some dinner and waited for Lucy.

Miles: Zero

Total: 856.6