Day 87

No photos from today. We woke up to rain so I decided to take the day off. Lucy and I would hang out at the hostel until she left to go back to Massachusetts at 1pm. It’s always sad for me when visitors leave to go back home and I was feeling powerfully sad today. I also had to make the decision to skip the section of trail we didn’t do yesterday. I didn’t want to walk over a 4000-foot mountain range in the rain and road access to the trail the next day would be impossible since the logging company closes the road on weekdays. I’m anxious to get this New England section done as soon as I can so I can start the southern section before it gets too cold.

After Lucy left I tried to work on the blog but I hate typing on this tiny phone keyboard. The hostel was sold out this night so they had to improvise in finding places to put everyone. I went to sleep in a room with 2 twin beds and a queen. The other hikers in my room weren’t too friendly thanks to the idiot boxes that we stare at all the time. Tomorrow I’d be climbing up the Bigalows, the last big mountain range until the Whitecaps in the 100 miles wilderness. I can feel the end of the section drawing near.

Miles: 0

Total: 880.5